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Thread: local shootings

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    Default local shootings

    does anyone else have local shootings every week???

    another cop got killed today...right across the street from where i work. check out the video.

    if you watch closely you will see my favorite strip club...i work right next to yeah i think this is about 5 or 6 dead cops in a 5 mile radius in about 4 months
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    Your lady's also in for drugs, right? Corinna's guy is in for murder and mine's in for a spree of home invasions. I think you're probably good.

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    I'm pretty sure Ronnie painted that on her, with his dick.

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    Default Re: local shootings

    dude, you got to move.

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    Default Re: local shootings

    recently my towns betting getting really bad. usually it used to be jsut one side of town. but now its almost every where there was a drive by around the corner from my house two days ago. and 4 days ago some one got shot at sharkeys (pool/bar)
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