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Thread: Future Of The Left

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    Default Future Of The Left

    Anyone else heard these guys?

    I was pretty gutted when mclusky split up, so I'd been wondering what the singer's new band would sound like. I finally downloaded the album a few days ago and it sounds... exactly like mclusky. Hmm. A few great rock songs, but nothing incredible. If you like mcluksy, you'll enjoy Future of The Left. I'd be interested to see them live, though.
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    Default Re: Future Of The Left

    I've only heard the 1st single, which was ok, but nothing special. I did love mclusky tho. Only got to see them once, supporting Shellac, and it was pretty loud.
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    Default Re: Future Of The Left

    I wouldnt say they sound exactly like Mclusky. It's cool to hear keyboards on their record, something Mclusky never did.

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    Default Re: Future Of The Left

    I just got into these guys and I love it

    Coachella 2010 plz

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    Default Re: Future Of The Left

    future of the left owns a piece of me.
    not as big a piece that mclusky owns.
    but an important piece all the same.

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