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Thread: Ready... steady...

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    Default Ready... steady...

    Quick, head to iTunes! The FREE single of the week is The Hold Steady's majestic Stuck Between Stations. Go and get it immediately, it's a great song (provided you like REM, Springsteen and, like, music).

    It also has the best opening line, nay verse, of any song this year. Well, last year - it's been around quite a while now. Which means you've probably got it already. And you're probably bored of it already. Sigh. There's no pleasing you, is there? I mean can't you just pretend to be interested even if you're not? Fine. You've got an attitude problem, you know that? And sort yourself out, you look a mess.

    Anyway, that first verse:

    "There are nights when I think that Sal Paradise was right.
    Boys and girls in America have such a sad time together.
    Sucking off each other at the demonstrations,
    Making sure their make-up's straight.
    Crushing one another with collossal expectations;
    Dependent, undisciplined, sleeping late."
    "The first time I heard the new single off the Bravery album, I actually cried, and I do not even remember the name of that damn song. It reminded me of this girl I am in love with." - kroqken

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    Default Re: Ready... steady...

    Wait, does itunes have a different free single of the week for their different markets? I think they must. Because my itunes showed some color-by-number emo band for the single of the week.

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    Default Re: Ready... steady...

    It's NOT The Hold Steady in the country that matters [US OF A].


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