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Thread: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

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    Default Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    I am looking for mellow people who may want to go in on renting an RV with me. I booked an RV space very close to the site. I am looking for people willing to split the RV rental/gas/camping space.
    I will be leaving from Orange County on the 26th-just to have a day to chill before the whole thing starts, and will be leaving for home on the 30th. (The 26th isn't firm, I'd consider going on the 27th).
    Any takers?

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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    i possibly would want stats on this...

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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    Ok...I'm leaving from Orange County on the 26th. The RV is a small 24-footer that sleeps 6. It'll have a kitchen, fridge, bathroom/shower and storage area. I plan on minimizing my expenses by bringing food, water and beer. It's a place to sleep, eat and chill before and after the shows.
    If I can't get anyone to commit to sharing the expenses, I guess I'll just camp....I think the RV idea would really seem like a good idea after a long day in the sun. Camping is fine, but nowhere near as restful, especially by the 3rd (and all-important) day!
    If anyone reading this is coming from someplace else, and still hasn't gotten lodging, we could just meet there, and it'll be your home for 3 or 4 days.
    Like I said earlier though~not to be a drag but I'm really looking for low-key people, not crazed party types. I'm a big music lover...but probably older than most people. I think it's going to be a great music event, and I don't want to miss it! I also don't want to pay $300 a night for a hotel, so this seems like a good alternative.

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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    what time are you leaving?

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    I hope to leave afterwork on Thursday. There's no set time, I'm thinking 6-8 p.m.. The point would be to be there early enough to set up and be ready to go for the following day, when I think the roads will start to really start to become a nightmare.
    If you look at my posts, under Carpools I figured out a break-down on what the expenses might be.
    btw~I work in Irvine, but live in Aliso Viejo.
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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    PM sent

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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    i work in in aliso!! and get off at 6

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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    I think that with todays emails, I may have have hit the 6th person. Everyone that has emailed me, although I sent out emails to you all, please respond ASAP, so I can know who are you are!!

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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    hey there, i got your post, i just don't have much time to respond and confirm. i have a bunch of questions about you/the trip/people going/where it's going to park... please still consider me. i got your email, i just have been VERY busy with schoolwork. i will send you a proper email tomorrow by the evening for sure.

    thank you! i'm from sacramento, again, in case you forgot

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    Default Re: Driving a 24 ft. RV from OC..

    if ya still need a 6th email me

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