And the rest of you either enjoy it or don't, I don't really care.

$300 seeking fellow indigos to live amongst

Indigo male, 45 years old, self published writer, artist, meditator, yoga practitioner, sixth chakra stage of spiritual developement, vegan, drug free, open minded, healer, channeler, organic gardener, self realized, infinite being of love, need other beings who are of a higher consciousness to coexist with. i am seeking a space in the (country outside eugene so i can commute via bicycle) in clear clean air, clear clean water, mature trees, and open space suitable for organic food production.
i respect privacy of others and hope for the same from others. i enjoy quiet solitude, respect of uniqueness and individual rights. seeking a home where i can grow into the infinite being of divine love we all are realized or not.
Namaste' pascal