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    I booked a space at the idyllwild park and was just wondering if i could get some information on it, like how far it is from the actual festival? Is it any good? etc.

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    google maps
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    i don't know much about the actual camping area, but i did go to school there ten years ago and the drive up the mountain took like 45 minutes. you have to drive slow, those roads are kinda scary once you get up there. some kids were permanently injured in a car wreck the week i went to audition for the school.

    once you get down the mountain, i think it wouldn't take long (20-40 min) on the freeway, but i'm sure the weekend of coachella would be worse. i could be wrong on that, it's been a long time. also, keep an eye out for fires in the area.

    it's a beautiful area if you find time to do some hiking! the school (idyllwild arts academy) may have an art show or some thing as well.
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