It was pretty good. I'm only familiar with the more popular albums like the new one, Feels and Sung Tongs. I also have Here Comes The Indian, but don't listen to it a lot. I am pretty sure that they played absolutely nothing off of Feels... A lot of people wanted to hear 'Purple Bottle', but it didn't happen. From the new album I recognized 'Peacebone', 'Unsolved Mysteries', 'Chores' and 'Fireworks'. Yeah, no 'Reverend Green'. Oh well... From Sung Tongs I heard 'Leaf House' and 'We Tigers'. They also played some song that almost sounded like a reggae song or something. There was also this really cool song and I think he was doing this:

"You got it!" "Wooo!" "You got it!" "Wooo!" "You got it!" "Wooo!" over and over.

They also played a lot of their slow and weird songs with a bunch of noise, but I don't know their names. Some of these songs might have been new.