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Thread: Aphex Twin for 2008? Speculation Thread

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    Default Aphex Twin for 2008? Speculation Thread

    I have been very hopeful in seeing Aphex Twin at some point in my life since he does not play many live shows. I even had made an attempt to go to Minehead for ATP but the tix sold too quick for me to get my funds together. Now i just saw more dates for Aphex in Rome and England which could show the possibility that he needs a good dose of vitamin d and could play more shows...this would lead me to conclude that Coachella 08 might be a candidate since he is one of the highly requested artist for the festival....any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Aphex Twin for 2008? Speculation Thread

    Some of us have been requesting him a lot. Actually, there is a recent topic about this

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    Default Re: Aphex Twin for 2008? Speculation Thread

    Actualy there are about 32562396169 other threads saying they want Aphex Twin there.

    This makes 32562396170.
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