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Thread: Swerve Festival

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    Default Swerve Festival

    This looks kind of interesting...

    Too bad it falls on the 29th too which concides with Insomniac with the Chemical Brothers and The Neighborhood Fest with The Faint, Guns N' Bombs, Chromeo and others.

    It's going to be in the same park as the one time Arthur Fest.

    So Neighbordhood Festival is going to be in Exposition Park and Nocturnal is supposed to be the heart downtown near Staples Center.

    LA is going to be busy! All we need now is a couple of conventions, something going on at Staples and Dodger stadium and we're all set!

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    Default Re: Swerve Festival

    I would go to this over the other ones. NASA needs to get out more. Sweet..."Control" will be shown at the end of the fest.

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