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Well then. I just moved, so I have an excuse for being out of the loop. Dammit. The poster is still fake. Anyways, on the Desert Sun website it says "end of April, dates TBD." That's hardly a confirmation.

You are getting your dates wrong buddy. May 3,4 is STAGECOACH, the country festival? Coachella ended up being in May because thats how the dates fell in 2004. Also it was an adjustment to Radioheads Japan and Austrailia tour itinerary that was already in place. Do some homework before you ''assume'' your dates are final. Coachella 2008 is April 25,26,27 ok?

babbaloo, enjoy your sleepover and have fun telling us how your friends dad ''took'' the poster so now you cant take pictures of it. Yet, by some small miracle you end up busting out a clear photo you already have ready for us, so we truly freak out, but instead we make a 50 page argument of how who cant be on certain days and all that. Another thing you did not put into account it this: If this line up was real, Dani wouldve pulled it already, this thread would be closed and somebody wouldve been banned. Paul Tollet and co. are probably laughing at this decent attempt to get us all excited for the line up if they read this thread.