yeah, i saw affliction. now THAT!, was some crap ass production. the volume was going down, then back up again. it was quiet at times, people getting cut off or you could hear them when you weren't supposed to. did you see them cut to the guy getting his make-up then they cut back? hahahaha.

anyway, the fights were pretty alright. arlovski looks like he's back in the swing of things. im really glad Fedor stuck it to Silvia. that guy is way over rated and fucking boring as a fighter. his first several fights were cool, but ever since he got the belt back, forget it.

sanchez vs. koscheck 2, hell yeah. dieago should have whooped him the first time. but you gotta give it to kos, he was taggin diego with them strikes. diesgo shouldnt have even taken the fight if he had a staph infection, i hate when fighters say they arent making an excuse, but do. dont fight, ill have much more respect for you. but thats just me.