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Thread: will call booth?

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    Question will call booth?

    do they give the tickets on the day of the event itself? what if i camp on thursday evening, how do i retrieve my ticket for camping?

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    you get your camping tickets at the camping entrance like it says on the onsite camping page.

    for your festival tickets, those can be picked up at the regular festival box office starting at 9am on friday and if that changes they will update the website.
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    yey thanks for clarifying!

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    see, i'm comin from UK too, but i wouldnt be able to get to the venue till around like late at night (around 2am) will the will call still be open, as i am campin i would like to know if the campin area would let me in if i show them my confirmation letter when i arrive, it would be great if everyone can get back to me ASAP!! thanks again!

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