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Thread: Virtual media storage.

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    Default Virtual media storage.

    Does anyone use servers at a co-located facility, home or a online service that allows for mass media storage that will allow you to share your files across multiple platforms? "Share" as in access your files from phone, pc, web-enabled device ect...Is there even a service that allows this? I know that are "lockers" for strictly storage but Im looking for a multi-cross platform service.

    Am I just spewing nonsense at this point?

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    Default Re: Virtual media storage.

    this and others.

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    Default Re: Virtual media storage.

    Does this help in anyway?

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    Default Re: Virtual media storage.

    What you are talking about seems a little odd, why wouldnt you use one of the many online storage houses that is available?

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    Besides, why you tryin to act like your some high powered power player that you have all these ways you need to stay connected? You aint gots to lie to kick it.

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