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    Default The Request Thread

    This is a thread for making requests. Ask and if someone has something for you, maybe they will upload it and post or PM you the link. RIAA concerns aside, this is by and large not a thread for new music. This is not a place for you to ask for the new Interpol record. This is not a place for uploading records at all. But say you're missing an obscure classic track or something that's truly hard to find or maybe just out of print. Then this might be the thread for you. Ask and ye shall receive. Just watch what you ask for. This is not a depository. And I, for one, believe in paying artists or their estates thereof. Don't ask for anything if you're not that kind of person also. Or if you're not willing to share yourself if you are able.

    Here, I'll start. I'm looking for some Strangeloves. Particularly the track "Night Time". If anybody has it, I'd be truly grateful. Or the Sonics. Okay.

    Get it? Hey DJ, can you play that song? Okay thanks.

    (Insert smarmy slsk comments here. I don't believe in it. I believe in paying for music almost 100% of the time. Gifts are different. As is this. Okay thanks again.)
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