I realize I've asked a similar question before but this situation is considerably different and more annoying/worrisome. First, full disclosure, I was looking up porn last night and a pop-up for WinAntiVirusPro2007 came up. I accidentally hit "OK" instead of "Cancel." About 2 seconds into it uploading to my computer, I hit "Cancel." A few minutes later, though, the icon popped up on my desktop and right next to my Prevx icon in the lower right corner of my computer. I uninstalled it, ran an Ad-Aware scan, and when all of that was done, I shut my computer down. When I turned it back on this afternoon and got onto Explorer, every time I'd go to a different website, another page will pop up. (Like "Crush Calculator" or stupid shit like that.) I ran a Prevx scan of my computer and it said no malware was detected. (Even now, my status code is "Good.") I ran another Ad-Aware scan and no tracking cookies or other harmful devices were identified. I went to my tools and deleted all cookies and temporary internet files. And yet when I hit "submit new thread," along with being redirected to the Lounge, I will have another window open up on my computer directing me to a page I have no desire to visit. What else can I do?