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    Default Day 2 of Sobriety: Nothingman 1-Slovenly drunkenness 0

    Day 2 out of 6 (and if I feel good enough, I may make it longer, though I have plans next Saturday so it ends there, without a doubt)
    Went for a 3 mile run walk in 100 degree heat today. My sweat smelled like a mix of Nickeback and urine (basically the sweat smell equivalent of Garth Algar's "Pralines and Dick" ice cream flavor). I've been downing water and green tea like it's going out of style and I think that the increased hydration has had a very weird effect on me. I would search for the TMI thread but what the fuck, why not say it here? Because I'm so adequately hydrated, I've basically been at full-mast all day. Yes, detoxing apparently has the same effect as Viagra. I'm not exactly sure what to make of all this, but I can say that so far, sobriety has mixed results. I do really like sober sex and sober masturbation, though I miss being entertained by TV. I hadn't really thought about either in years (with few exceptions). However, I get agitated more easily and I can;t stop sweating. OK for now... I think my liver or pancreas was swollen a little. Either that or i magically lost 4 pounds in the last day and a half (and weight loss wasn't even a goal-though 10 pounds would be nice). I'm no fun when I'm sober.
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