It says O'Reily factor at the bottom.. but some chick is hosting.. Apparently their set was supposed to be streamed live from AT&T but they didn't show the part where Pearl Jam was doing their own version of "Another Brick in the Wall" They say something like "George Bush leave them kids alone".. I guess AT&T didn't show that song..

It was a lot like when the Rage Against The Machine news was recently on there for their anti-bush propaganda at Coachella.

but the part that got me was when the host of Fox News said something like "Maybe they are making a big deal out of this, to give this unknown festival more publicity" LOL.. Lollapalooza is one of America's largest festivals..

I think I should just re-write this to make it more clear.. but I'll just wait until the clip is on YouTube.. so you'll see what I'm talking about.