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Thread: The Unofficial Kristen Nicole Brown Circa 1999 Fan Club

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    Default The Unofficial Kristen Nicole Brown Circa 1999 Fan Club

    This has been a long time coming because Andrew fails at PR but finally, here it is. We need to get the word out. It's time that everyone got behind our message.

    Mission Statement:

    Positions already filled:

    Vice President (miscorrections)
    Treasurer (Courtney)
    PR/meeting DJ (bballarl)
    Head of European Branch (sonofhal)
    Fanzine Editor-in-Chief (CuervoPH)
    Herald (mountmccabe)
    Colorado Connection (J~$$$)
    Authority Figure (TomAz)
    Residant Pastry Monger (thefunkylama)
    Guidance Counselor (mob roulette)
    Director of Music History (canexplain)
    Resident Alcoholic Idiot friend of Unicorn Salesman (nothingman00)
    Space Filler (kimery08)

    We've got to take care of business, folks. We are now taking applications for the following positions so we can really get down to admiring, appreciating, and stalking Kristen Nicole Brown (circa 1999):

    Activities Coordinator

    If you would like to create your own position please submit a request and it will be considered with gravity befitting this fine institution.

    *I can fill this position in a pinch, but all I really want to do is cast a tie-breaking vote in the case of such an event.
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