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Let it be known - Doom is a f'ing joke!
Went to his show last night at the el rey, 20 minute vocal set + ten minutes of djing before that from the metal faced fool. He was also suffering probably suffering from laryngitis because his voice was sh_t and you couldn't hear what he was saying most of the time. But he never acknowledged it to the crowd nor offered any apologies at the end of his set for such a poor performance. He did only five songs then just walked away from the stage without even saying thanks or goodbye to his fans who paid a hefty $34 bones to see his sorry ass. I saw doom before at coachella and he did put on a tight set but last night was one of the worst shows I have ever been to. You can read more about it in the stonesthrow message boards. In addition, he was a no show to his friday gig at the glasshouse and just cancelled his make-up date tonight. Goldenvoice should never again promote any of his concerts because if anything, he treats his fans like doo-doo.
Damn... that sucks. Hope he gets his act together for this weekend, he's one of my biggest attractions. (drivin down from OR on thursday/friday)