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Thread: For fans of The Beatles only ...

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    Default For fans of The Beatles only ...

    Have you bought or downloaded these ("Unseen Beatles footage emerges") already? (Bmack?)

    And it can be seen online
    4 hours ago

    Exclusive never-before-seen footage of The Beatles is released today (August 1).

    The material was filmed by the Fab Four's former roadie Mal Evans and has been hidden for decades.

    The clips include secret concert footage as well as revealing private conversations and personal exchanges within the band. The historic footage includes live concert performances, also the Fab Four chatting as the travel down the Thames on a boat, and the band riding down London's Park Lane in a car with their friends and rivals The Beach Boys.

    Other footage uncovered includes Rolling Stones legend Charlie Watts discussing the cult of celebrity, years before such a phenomenon was ever recognised, and live recordings of Jimi Hendrix playing in front of The Beatles.

    MBop has now released the material and has made some clips available for download at the, reformatted and restored.

    Evans was shot dead in 1976. His widow Lily discovered the cine footage in their attic before selling them at Christie's auction house.

    The private owners have licensed the footage exclusively to MBop.
    It's being exclusively sold here

    The Beatles 1962 - 1970
    This segment of film from the unseen Beatles documentary, Beatles 1962 - 1970, shows some fantastic interview footage, together with live performances. This includes personal archive footage from famous Beatles roadie Mal Evans
    The Beatles in Concert
    Astonishing live footage of The Beatles performing in a studio in London. This footage blew everyone at MBop Headquarters away, and is a must have for any true Beatles fan. This includes personal archive footage from famous Beatles roadie Mal Evans.
    I've seen the previews (WOW!) in that site but I'm just going to wait for supre to load 'em in youtube. heh heh I don't know how long but they are like $6 each.

    I'm busy preparing for my trip to Chicago (Lollapalooza) tomorrow. I'm also going to NYC (for MUSE @ MSG) and hopefully, I'll have time to go to Strawberry Fields (and also check John & Yoko's apartment across the street) in Central Park. I really need to do that since I've already been to Abbey Road in London last June.

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    Default Re: For fans of The Beatles only ...

    Sweet...thanks for posting.

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