Alright, I figured it's about time I ask anyone/everyone on here for some help regarding the site I'm putting together (slowly). It's linked in my sig, but you can click here (it will eventually move to a new location).

If you know anything regarding recordings or whatever, I'd be glad to hear it. The one thing I probably need the most help in is setlists. So if you want, just browse the site, and if you see a performance listed without a setlist (there's many) and you happen to know it or at least partially know it, just post in it in here or something.

If you also have images/scans from the little booklets (especially 2001-2004), or any other kind of images you think might help, that would be great too.

I still need to create the 2006 section, so you can ignore that one right now. But um, there's plenty of 2007 setlists I need. I know there's Gogol fanatics, Crowded House fans and what not out there on this board, so your help is needed. Thanks.