this is the thread where you post funny/asenine/silly things your co-workers say/do.

here's mein:

so my supervisor and some of my co-workers were talking about south park. there's this new co-worker from romania. he asked if i had seen the south park where they made fun of romanians. i asked him if he remembered anything else about the episode, cause i didn't know which one he was talking about. and he goes "i don't know. my friend said they were making fun of gypsies. god damn gypsies ruin it..."

"shh" my supervisor said (since someone was on the phone nearby).

the romanian co-worker then goes "what?"

"language" my supervisor says

the romanian co-worker then says all serious, "what, you mean gypsies?"

ok, maybe you had to be there, but i was laughing my ass off. post some funnier ones