Last night after a couple bottles of wine and a shared joint we decided to share near death experiences. One friend drowned surfing off the coast of Mexico, another stopped breathing when she was a baby, etc. My story is as follows:

I was roaming around Copenhagen by myself and decided to get a six pack of beer, pack my backpack with my journal and some cigarettes and go explore and play. I came upon a bridge that crossed the water at about 7 stories at it's highest point. Of course it seemed like a good idea to crawl up under the bridge to about 5 stories. There was a metal platform that was about 2 feet wide that folded back underneath the bridge. So I hung out feeling the cars vibrate above me and watching the boats ooze across the water below me. I drank the six pack, wrote in my journal, smoked some cigarettes and a joint and then I had to pee. So I did. Unfortunately a moment later when I decided I needed to get down, I forgot that the metal was now wet. I slid uncontrollably for a good 3 feet until I was able to grab hold of a piece of jutting metal. I would have fallen 5 stories to my death into the waters of Northern Europe and would have disappeared. Nobody would have known what had happened. GONE.