Carp Diem (Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future) ... "live for the day" for those in Rio Linda (sorry inside joke there for some of us) .... this is going to ramble some ..... do you go to so many shows now that, sure they are still special and you are looking forward to them, but it is a little bit of ho hum? I know people that go to so few concerts in their lives that when they are going to one, they are so excited and wired about it, they drive me crazy .... wouldn't it be nice to be like that again and sort of view the show thru the "eyes of a child" with wonderment and excitement? .... when I go to an outdoor fest or even red rocks (best venue in the world) I take my backpack, rain gear, food, the kitchen sink, etc. just so I am prepared ... then for the whole show, I am always watching out for my backpack to make sure I don't loose it or someone swipes it ... I miss out on part of the concert experience because my feet are in "jars of clay" and stuck in reality ... I am worried or thinking about what might happen, or what I might need so I have my little piece of reality to keep me in place.... maybe the worst carp diem for me .... some drugs will do this, but the worst is alcohol .... have you went to a show, got drunk, had the time of your life, danced your ass off and smiled the entire night ... then the next day you say, "How was the show, I don't remember anything" ... or worse for me, especially with new groups, I say, wow I really want to see those guys, only to have a friend say to me, "but Ron, you already saw them, don't you remember the xxxx festival when they opened up for xxxxxxx ..... well I went to the show again, had a great time, but don't remember squat about it .... so did I live for the day, had a killer time with no regard for the future, and is that what really matters, or are those memories and fun times gone forever, never to be enjoyed again because I let go just for the day .... I guess the question is somewhat like this ...."Which is more important, enjoying life as it happens, or moderation of some sort and then being able to relive the memories of something I did, for the rest of my life?" .. don't know if I posed my question so all could understand .... Colorado Ron ****.