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Thread: Condos/Houses for the Weekend?

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    Default Condos/Houses for the Weekend?

    Those who have rented houses/condos from locals in the past... How did you find out about them? Craigslist? Ebay?

    Thanks, guys.

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    Default Re: Condos/Houses for the Weekend?

    Vacation Rentals By Owner. You can find rentals worldwide through this site.
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    Default Re: Condos/Houses for the Weekend?

    This is the best site. We have gotten houses the past 3 years from here and it is great. Walk to the fest, party with the neighbors

    click on California and then look for Indio or Palms Springs
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    Default Re: Condos/Houses for the Weekend?

    We have a 1 bd/1 bath Condo available April 14th -18th (4 nights) for $200 per night. 2 sleeping areas (queen in bedroom and queen fold out couch). Has Kitchen, family room, pool/spa use. Write us at for more info.

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