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Thread: shitty movie compliations

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    Default shitty movie compliations

    Funny stuff.

    and a new simpsons trailer as well. That pig joke cracked me up.
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    Default Re: shitty movie compliations

    I'm going to marry Mr. GARBAGE DAY! in the first video.

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    Default Re: shitty movie compliations

    That was great.
    I've seen worse, in a bollywood version of Ali baba and the forty thieves the final scene had ali baba throwing the baddie off of a cliff in slo mo he hits the ground and then apropos to nothing a terrible cgi dinosaur walks through the woods and steps on him. I laughed so hard i cried.
    The second worse was from a philipino movie where a guy in monster make up was telling another guy in monster makeup how he was scared that a giant robot was gonna kill him. Then someone drops their cell phone which begins to transform into a robot that then proceeds to grow ten stories high, once it finishes growing it starts to break dance and then freezes and then the bright light on his shoulder flashes and a pic of the audience watching him is displayed on his chest, the audience all cheers and then the robot turns around, steps on the monster and flies away! EPIC!
    I miss Bill Hicks.

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