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Thread: Little Children at Coachella

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    Default Little Children at Coachella

    In previous years I have seen small children at Coachella but now that I have my own & Iím wondering if it is a good idea to bring her. Strollers are allowed which is great, but does anyone know from experience if they will allow you to bring special items for your child (milk,baby food, blanket etc)? I've been to every Coachella since the first one and feel that it is a safe environment and think my child will comfortable. My main concern is, are people assholes about children? And will I be able to bring food for her??

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Little Children at Coachella

    If it's obvious baby stuff there shouldn't be a problem. If the baby is a front to sneak in an entire picnic of food for the family, that might not pass. lol.
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    I'm sure you and your kid would be fine at Coachella (as long as you don't obviously try to submerge yourself in the massive crowds in front of the stages/tents), but I would recommend leaving the kids home.

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    Ooh, do you have those baby ear muffs for protecting his/her hearing? Those are the cutest things ever.

    I salute anyone who has the energy and stamina to bring a kid to Coachella. Between the heat and sun and walking/standing all day, I can barely take care of myself, let alone a child!

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