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    Question lodging/camping

    Hi, I'm from Calgary, Canada and am attending all three days of the festival. I'm bringing my 15 year old son. I guess he's too young for camping, so we're in need of a pace to sleep. Our perference is to camp, but I guess we'll have to figure something else out. Looking at previous posts, hotels seem a nightmare and fairly expensive, so we're open to suggestions. Any ideas???
    Thx, Riggypop

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    lake cahuilla- hurry almost sold out
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    my wife and i have a room for rent in a house easily within walking distance from the show. a/c, shower, breakfast, and a place inside a gated community. were not freaks. email we can discuss rates,

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    park at my house and camp there. You will be closer to the concert than from the polo fields

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    Camp at my house. closer to the concert than the spots in the polo. You could bring your son.

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    Again Mary, you have managed to respond to a post that is 3 years old. Try to keep your SPAM limited to 2010 requests.
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    People these days. Mary's probably wiggin out atm.
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    Why arent those posts erased?

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    Because they are often still hilarious.

    Also because we chewed the erasers off our pencils and now it is just gnawed metal.
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