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Thread: onsite camping: yay/nay?

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    i like the fact that the onsite camping that they offer (the one going for $45) have certain rules seeing as how i'd like to get some sleep in before the next day, but i'm worried that they'll be too uptight! i mean, do they play music or whatever after midnight and are there parties scattered through the grounds or what? and on the campground, is drinking allowed everywhere or only in certain areas? or is it a total bore and i'd be better off staying somewhere else if im looking for a bit of fun after the concerts?

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    My friends and I have camped 2 of the last three years. It is mostly great but one year (2004 I think) was sooo hot that it made the camping experience miserable.

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    Camping is great... And there's nothing "uptight" about it at all. I've camped the past two years, and it really helps make the experience better. There's plenty of people playing music and generally partying all around, and everyone is pretty friendly and just happy to be there. *Technicially* there is no drinking on the camp grounds, only in the designated vendor area... BUT that really isn't a concern at all. Booze flows pretty freely (assuming you "sneak your own in" or make friends with other people who've got it.)The heat and humidity kind of sucks, especially when you first wakeup in the morning, but other than that I had a great time. It's nice not to have to drive anywhere after a long day of Coachella, you just walk back to your tent and party / pass-out.
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