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    Does the food bracelet give you a 3 day pass? I found one on saturday, then couldn't find it in my pockets and gave up. Found the poor faded thing in my shorts last night and started to think maybe this little thing was worth more than I thought.

    Either way it's awesome though cause now I have a fabric pass from coachella with a big FOOD written on it. Definitely sums up my trip to America....

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    those were probably food vendor bracelets.
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    Yeah but does that get you admission to the festival? I could have delta'd my tickets and slept in something that wasn't a car for a few nights. That would have been choice.

    Either way - bracelet is faded as a bastard but the plastic thing on it is great - I can't take off my pukkelpop and roskilde ones cause they got the metal clamp thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slinkybutt View Post
    ...Fuck You Klein

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    I would love to own a braclet that had the Coachella log and the word FOOD on it.
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    the coachella logo hangs off the bracelet which kinda sucks so you have these hanging things off your wrist - and its also held on by this massive piece of plastic instead of the nice bits of metal they usually use. Eventually had to take it off cause the plastic was being annoying and once I think of it in the company of another person I'm just gonna tie it to my wrist or something. Might figure out something more cunning but its definitely an awesome souvenir. Still have hopes and prayers of fabric bracelets for coachella 08 (assuming i make it over, its the plan though!)

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