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    Two questions:

    What are some good avant-garde composers and what are their good pieces?

    Where do I find LPs of such?

    First it should be said that this was at one time avant-garde:

    It seems to only take some time for the "far out" to become fashion.

    Copied from wikipedia:

    Laurie Anderson (American composer)
    George Antheil (American composer)
    Albert Ayler (Free jazz) [28]
    John Balance (Music Composer, poet)
    Luciano Berio (Italian composer)
    Pierre Boulez (French composer)
    Glenn Branca (American guitarist and composer)

    Harold Budd (American composer)
    John Cage (American composer)
    Les Claypool (American musician, singer, bassist, film maker, novelist, composer)
    Ornette Coleman (American jazz musician)
    John Coltrane (American jazz musician)

    Ivor Cutler (Scottish avant-musician and poet)
    Miles Davis (American jazz musician)
    Claude Debussy (French composer) [29]

    Eric Dolphy (American jazz musician)
    Duke Ellington (American jazz musician, band leader and composer)
    Don Ellis (American jazz musician, band leader and composer)
    Brian Eno (English musician and composer)
    Morton Feldman (American composer)
    Aaron Funk (Canadian electronic musician)
    Diamanda Galás (American Musician, composer and performance artist)
    Philip Glass (American composer)
    Dave Holland (British jazz musician)
    Daryl Hayott (American Jazz Musician/Composer)
    Charles Ives (American composer) [30]
    Roland Kirk (American jazz musician)
    Bill Laswell (Avant-Garde musician)
    György Ligeti (Hungarian/Austrian/Romanian composer)
    Witold Lutosławski (Polish composer)
    Lydia Lunch (American singer, poet, writer and actress)

    Angus MacLise (American percussionist)
    Charles Mingus (American jazz musician)
    Thelonious Monk (American jazz musician)
    Max Neuhaus (composer)
    Mike Oldfield (English composer)
    Yoko Ono (Japanese artist and musician)
    Harry Partch (American composer and instrument designer)
    Mike Patton (American musician, singer and composer)
    Krzysztof Penderecki (Polish composer)
    Sun Ra (Free jazz innovator)
    Steve Reich (American composer)
    Terry Riley (American composer)
    Arthur Russell (American musician, singer and composer)
    Pharoah Sanders (American jazz musician)
    Erik Satie (French composer and pianist)
    Pierre Schaeffer (French composer, writer, broadcaster, engineer, musicologist and acoustician)
    Arnold Schoenberg (Austrian/American composer)
    Archie Shepp (American jazz musician)
    Karlheinz Stockhausen (German composer)
    Igor Stravinsky (Russian composer) [31]
    David Tudor (American composer)

    Arto Tunçboyacıyan (Armenian vocalist, multiinstrumentalist)
    Edgard Varèse (French composer, later naturalized American citizen)
    David Vorhaus (American electronic composer)
    Igor Wakhevitch (French composer)
    Anton Webern (Second Viennese School)
    Robert Wyatt (English singer and songwriter)
    Iannis Xenakis (Greek composer and architect)
    La Monte Young (American composer)
    Frank Zappa (American composer, guitarist and satirist)

    All these names are pretty relevant. I've highlighted personal favs. Have fun.
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