Round 3 - Neapolitan Festival vs. City Scape Festival

Well it's onto Round 3 finally. Obviously, there is a new addition to this round, that being SET TIMES! Yes, all final 8 festivals have submitted their set times, which are to be viewed, judged, and criticized by you (the fan, voter). So instead of just basing your vote on the lineup, take some time to go over set times, because maybe there will be some conflicts which limit how many of your favorite bands you'll get to see compared to another get the drift. Also take some time to explore some of the smaller bands too...they could make or break a festival.

Remember, no alias voting (I know who you are, and/or suspect certain names)...and only vote if you have 100 or more posts...if you do otherwise, you're wasting your time because your vote will not be counted. Enjoy. Winners move onto semi-finals!

Neapolitan Festival:

City Scape Festival: