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    Re: Friday morning from Foster City

    i am in san rafael and would gladly bring a portable boombox! let me know ~ kyle
  2. Re: HUMBODLT to INDIO through anywhere in CALI/OREGON!

    hey im in san rafael, 20 minutes north of san fran...i would love to hitch a ride but $ is a n issue at the moment. let me know if you've got room for 1. take care ~ kyle
  3. Re: Travelling from SF on Thursday. Likely staying until midday Saturday or possibly

    hey i would be willing to go to the show but $ is a problem because i dont have a card for my bank account in LA. right now i am just north of san fran in san rafael. let me know if you need company!...
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    ride needed from bay area

    hey my buddy out in idyllwild wanted me to come visit but i have no ride. just tryin to hitch a ride. ~ god bless ~ kyle
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