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    Re: Need someplace to stay!

    I have a house at 1.5miles from the venue and have rooms for rent.
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    Re: Looking for a place to stay

    We have a house at 1.5 miles of the venue. We can rent you a room.
  3. Re: Getting from LAX to Coachella- Bus option?

    We are a tour from Colombia. We will arrive to LAX on thursday at 9:15 a.m. We will stay that night on Los Angeles and will depart in a bus or a van and a car on friday at 7:30 a.m. Then we will...
  4. A house for rent at 1.5 milles from venue, weekend 2

    Capacity for 12 pax in 5 rooms and the dan.

    Usd7.000 and you can stay until thursday after the festival.

    If you are just one or two let me know to see what can we do.
  5. Rooms available in Best Western Palm Springs

    Several rooms have been released in Best Western Palm Springs, if you havenīt find a room this is a very good option.

    More info in:
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