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  1. Re: Ride from LA or OC area to Coachella? Leaving Thursday Night!

    PM'ed you
  2. Ride from LA or OC area to Coachella? Leaving Thursday Night!

    Hi there, I have 3 available spots in my (party) van... my friends and I are leaving Thursday night at around 9pm... Let me know if you need a ride and I have 3 available spots, just pitch in for...
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    Re: Need a ride from LA - Weekend 2

    Just messaged you Eldoon :D
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    Re: Space available in hotel room

    Hi there Adam, a buddy of mine and I are looking for a room to stay at and we are fine with splitting cost. So this might be able to work out.. How much would the price be per person?
  5. Re: Weekend 2 - 2/3 spots open for legacy villas

    Hi there! Im interested in a room ( Me and a buddy of mine ) We are here friday and checking out monday
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    Re: Room for rent close to festival grounds

    How much is the room?
  7. Re: Looking for a ride from Coachella to LA/LAX on Monday morning, will contribute $$

    Hi there Sam, I might be able to help you out... Im heading back to LA area on monday as well. Maybe we can work this out! Let me know!
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    Re: 3 Fun girls need a place to stay!!!

    Too bad to hear one of your friends can't go anymore! :( Are you guys looking for a camping spot or a hotel..?
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    2 Coachella weekend 2 wristbands

    I have two GA wristbands for Coachella Weekend 2, unregistered. Selling only at $600 for the pair. Message me back if you are interested!
  10. Re: Have Car Camping (wk2) Looking 2 Join Other Car Camping Group for Bigger Camp!

    just pm'ed u too :)
  11. Re: Help ticket needed! My friend left his ticket back in NY, and hes on a plane to L

    I just sent you a PM! check your messages!
  12. Coachella weekend 1 wristband for sale! First person takes it! :)

    Hi there I have a weekend 1 wristband for april 13 to 15 for sale at $400. I live in the L.A. area. It is unregistered and ready to go. You can register when we do the exchange. I have reciepts...
  13. Coachella weekend 1 wristband for sale! First person takes it! :)

    Hey guys I have one Coachella wristband for weekend 1 up for sale!! I'm going for weekend 2 instead so I'm selling my wristband.. $400 takes it! so write me back if interested. It is totally legit,...
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    Re: Singlechella 2012

    And if you are looking to meet up with good company, hang out, see a few bands, and enjoy the music and arts without any drama, Let me know!!!! Single chella is the way to go! Going weekend 2, which...
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    Re: Singlechella 2012

    Nice buddy, I feel ya totally, been through the same and first single chella for me!.. excited to have a DRAMA FREE Coachella this year as well!!!!! Let's all have a good time!!!!!!
  16. Weekend 2: Have camping pass for you if you provide the tent? Sounds good to me!

    Hi there ... Im looking for 2 to 3 people to share my car camping pass with for Weekend 2!! I am 29 and a cool sociable fun guy from L.A. with a few ghost stories too.. lol o yea and i don't snore! ...
  17. Re: 2 girls seek camp mates- need camp spot! week 2

    I do have a camp spot... and a friend kinda still deciding on going.. but regardless I am going weekend 2 and don't mind sharing my spot! I will PM you :)
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