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  1. I have extra shuttle passes to trade or sell

    Ok so I was forced to buy two coachella week two passes with the shuttle combo cause the regular passes were out. Anywho I am car camping with friends so I do not need these shuttle passes. I need...
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    Re: Official Hipster Checklist

    I'll take a dirty hippy to a hipster any day, at least they're chill[/QUOTE]

    I agree hippies are way more fun and they dont care about crappy music!! But I like to live by " Live and let be"...
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    Well the only two I have been to, Bjork 07!!! so great! I cried a little that night!
    and of course sir Paul McCartney last year was awesome!!
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    Re: What to eat while camping.

    Yeeaahh the breakfast lunch and dinner of champions!!!! Joints and bowls of greens! cant wait! Wait... wouldnt that just make you more hungry?
  5. Thread: The Cribs??

    by Lil Larry

    Re: The Cribs??

    i am not one of those cribs fan.... I've always been more partial to Morrissey but wanted to know about band... anywho cant wait!!! thanks y'all!
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    Re: must sees for coachella 2010?

    OMG!! too many good bands i wish i could see most of them!!!
    Friday must see!!!-Jay-Z, Calle 13( raunchy dance party) , LCD soundsystem! passion pit!! Vampire weekend! the cribs! Them crooked...
  7. Thread: The Cribs??

    by Lil Larry

    The Cribs??

    So who is a smiths fan? i know i am. Marr is in the cribs, has anyone really heard their music? I just heard a couple songs, it was....aight. let me know what u think peeps!
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    Re: Where to park an extra vehicle?

    Same here, we got two cars one lot, but we are leaving late on thursday. hope it all works out! woop woop!
  9. Re: Question about camping and meeting up there.

    dang that blows... i guess i got to try to get a way of going in one car! But i see no other alternative, but we cannot all go together, we got different schedules. I know that there is parking for...
  10. Re: I will answer ANY questions and I will be nice about it

    So basically i should try to only go in one car, because I will not be able to park anywhere. Is there anyway to contact the coachella people to know for sure how this might work out. I am already...
  11. Re: Question about camping and meeting up there.

    to igocancun- I would have to check with the people i am rolling with already, there are about 5 on the spot, so let me check with them.
    what does sol mean? i dont think i could walk to camp, i...
  12. Re: Question about camping and meeting up there.

    Thanks. So i need to have a camp pass to park my car overnight? what happens if we only have one car pass and two cars?
  13. woop woop

    hey so i am sharing a camping spot with some friend, and I will be meeting them there, do I have to have a ticket to get into camping spot or will i be able to get there no problems. Basically two...
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    Re: "One case of beer per person..."

    Fat tire!! Its in cans now, that is my recomendation,, or you can always go classic like PBR!!
    Fuck Heineken its all about PBR!!
  15. Question about camping and meeting up there.

    So I have my three day pass, and could not get a camp spot as they were sold out, but no worries, i got a friend who is gonna share with me, so i need to know if I need some kind of ticket to be able...
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