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  1. Re: Two lovable (but quite stupid) British guys need a place to camp weekend 1

    i have space at my campsite for you two.
    email me
  2. Re: Screwed over - In need of camping space - weekend 1

    i have space. send me a pm with how to contact you.
  3. Have a car camping pass, but no car. Wk 1

    Friends bailed last minute, so now i'm stuck with a car camping pass, but no car. (due to car problems)
    If you can pick me up, we can car camp together. i won't charge you for the car camping pass....
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    Re: Need car companion pass

    really? i was trying to purchase them online earlier but it wasn't an option. let me call them. thanks =)
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    Need car companion pass

    anyone selling 1 car companion pass for weekend 1. please let me know
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    Re: Anyone who is 18 - Weekend 1 ?

    i'm 20(not sure if that's a good age):cool:, car camping as well.
  7. Re: I LOVE THIS THING! - Quick fix for dead Iphone/Android

    Thanks for sharing! definitely going to come in handy
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