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  1. need car camping pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flying from NYC to LAX

    Hey I need as many as 2-3 camping spots weekend 1!

    Please let me know if you are able to help me out...I can be emailed to discuss pricing........ woo hoo Coachella is almost here hope you are all...
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    need camping passes for weekend 1

    Hey Looking for camping pass weekend 1 please email me if you are able to sell. Thanks!!

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    Re: Home Rentals for 2013

    looking for a house weekend 1 of cochella. fun group of californians.

    949-584-0608 /

    thanks for the help!
  4. Re: Worldmark Condos available weekend 1 Sleeps 6 (1600 per unit)

    I am definitely interested in hearing more about this. email me to further discuss.

  5. Re: Looking for 6-10 house mates to join a group of 4 in Coachella mansion (1st wknd

    Hey! I have a group of 14 do not know if you are open to that but we have 9 girls and 5 guys, we do not mind sleeping in sleeping bags hahah.

    We are going weekend 1- not sure if you are...
  6. Looking for Indio rental home for weekend 1!! Help!!

    I have a group of about 12 and we are looking for a rental home in Indio for weekend 1. Is anyone aware of a place, or know someone who is we will offer a referral fee!!
    Any help would be...
  7. Looking for one GA ticket for weekend 1/OR does anyone know when they go on sale agai

    I am traveling from NYC and am looking for one ticket first weekend GA for normal price? email me if you can help me out!

    ALSO- does anyone know when the second set of tickets...
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