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  1. Re: Who is the ONE artist you would like to see added?

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    Re: ticket sales

    Haha! Nice one, Paul.
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    Re: No single-day tickets?

    With the array of great bands playing each day, this 3-day-only requirement is probably worse than having missed out on the earliest Coachellas.
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    Re: 6 Things I Learned from Coachella 2009

    I learned that no matter how thirsty you are, and no matter how badly you don't want to leave the band you're watching to get some water, DO NOT drink tequila instead. A sip or two will end up being...
  5. Re: A Day In The Life with/without Sir Paul McCartney @ Coachella April 17, 2009

    I couldn't agree more. Since it's not really affordable, last year was my first time attending because there was absolutely no way that I could miss Roger Waters performing Dark Side of the Moon just...
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    Re: Anyone record the webcast??

    This is incredible news. I can't wait to watch the streams that I missed and to relive McCartney's set. Thanks for the wonderful notice.
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    Re: How was your Friday?

    Indeed. It was an amazing experience. Although, I was very smashed, which was a double-edged sword. On one hand, I was completely uninhibited and singing along and dancing to his set, even to the...
  8. Re: .......::::::i'm about to blow your mind

    I know that accurately predicting eclipses doesn't mean that you can predict an apocalypse, I was just referring to the fact that given the Mayans' record of astronomical accuracy, we can be quite...
  9. Re: .......::::::i'm about to blow your mind

    Yeah, man, Michio Kaku has some really great ideas. I'm glad to see that you know about Ophiuchus, too.
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    Re: The Killers (blow) yay!!

    For a band that ripped off the '80s sound on their first album (maybe more, but I haven't heard anything since), they surely missed a lot of what was going on then, didn't they? Apparently, they...
  11. Re: .......::::::i'm about to blow your mind

    Hmm, "center of the galactic universe" makes no sense. There are an innumerable amount of galaxies within the universe, and our solar system resides within the Milky Way Galaxy. The whole 12/21/2012...
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