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    Re: your pic for trend?

    HI! My girlfriend and I too. It was a lady. I haven't found it anywhere. All she said it was for was "trend".
  2. Re: The Swell Season...Please Add The Frames!!!

    By the way, I love bill engvall dorkfish. haha. such a class routine.
  3. Re: The Swell Season...Please Add The Frames!!!

    In case you don't know what I'm talking about...
    they are absolutely PHENOMENAL LIVE. hands down my favorite artist/songwriter/singer. I mean, Glen'll...
  4. Re: The Swell Season...Please Add The Frames!!!

    So even though he's going to be there and GV made a shitload of money, they can't add a single band? Maybe you're right. I would just NOT EVEN THINK about selling my ticket if the frames showed.
  5. The Swell Season...Please Add The Frames!!!

    So like...does nobody else think that because Glen's gonna be there with Marketa, and since he's perfected his act with the Frames after half a year of touring...shouldn't GV just add The Frames to...
  6. Who Did You See At 2009 That You Now Want To See At A Smaller Venue?

    And dates maybe?

    I wanna see Michael Franti Again, as well as Cloud cult and Fleet Foxes (though I've always wanted that).

    Airborne Toxic Event too...maybe another Glass House show?
  7. Re: who do you want to see play at cochella? smaller bands that deserve some play

    shearwater all the way.

    along with the great northern.
  8. Re: Please post your review/pictures of Coachella in here. Thanks.

    Nice pictures guys!

    check out my album.
    it's got 290 pictures and 7 videos at the very end of the album.

    let me...
  9. Re: PHOTOS GALORE: Links to Coachella Photo Galleries

    Naw man it's all about webshots!

    290 photos, 7 videos

    check em out!
  10. Help? Music Suggestion...Looking for Male/Female Duos...

    Mostly acoustic maybe? Like Glen Hansard + Marketa Irglova (The Swell Season), She & Him, The Side Project, The Weepies, Paul Mccartney + Linda Mccartney, also the Juno couple xD...etc.

  11. Michael Franti Blew Me Away, Anyone Else?

    Did anybody else become just...high on life during this set??? I was near the front so that had something to do with it...but WOW.
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    Tons of 2009 Pictures

    Hey everyone, I did a really brief check for threads already started...I couldn't find any to my surprise. But mine are up. I have a good....300 pictures? Let me know what you think! I just used a...
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