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  1. Two guys need ride to la, desperate and have money!

    Me and my friend got bailed on to go back to la, and need a ride reaaaallly bad!! If anyone has room please text me at 4252999510. Thank you!!!
  2. Solo guy looking for ride to sacramento area monday after wk2

    I'm from Seattle and flying down to the festival but am trying to get a ride up to Sacramento to see a friend, assuming you are leaving Monday morning after the festival. I can pay any amount,...
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    Re: One Seat left!!

    I'm lookin for a ride to Sacramento from the festival but I don't need a ride to the festival itself so if you guys are going back up north on Monday morning I have money for gas or whateva. My...
  4. Re: Rental car, coming from Seattle, no camping pass

    YES PLEASE. How much for it? And I actually live in north Everett but we could definitely figure out something before I leave.
  5. Two dudes need a place to crash on weekend 2!

    This trip has been one huge bitch to plan since I personally don't drive and am coming from Seattle but to get to the point, me and my buddy just need a place to sleep on weekend 2 so if anyone has...
  6. Re: Weekend Two, extra room in car camping spot

    Hey me and my buddy are looking for a place to crash, we dont have camping. We are super chill, 23 and 28 years old. Coming all the way from Washington with no place to sleep =( message me if this...
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