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    Re: My problems with Coachella....

    The water policy was different with each person at coachella. The First day they told us we could take sealed or empty containers in. The next day they told us we could just take empty containers in....
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    Re: You stole my ipod...

    That is terrible that you got your ipod stolen. During the public enemy show someone unzipped the back pockets of my backpack trying to steal something. I left those empty because i always think what...
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    Re: The Naked Wizard Video

    This was a complete abuse of force by the police. Weapons are needed only to prevent someone from harming themselves or others. The naked man at no time shows himself to be a danger. Granted he was...
  4. MIA should consider a new dj. terrible show... Killers was a decent show

    Wow that MIA show was really bad. I had low expectations but that one was really bad. First the DJ was really annoying and was not hyping anyone up. But worst of all he kept using that annoying alarm...
  5. Are Tickets For Today Available At The Box Office?

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows if they still have tickets for sale at the box office for today?
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