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    Re: texas carpool needed!

    My friend and I are flying into LAX but camping for weekend 2, anyone wanting to start up a texas camp?
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    Re: Driving From Dallas, Texas! (WKND1) (:

    nothing like ignorance in the morning @riggins33
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    Texas Texas - Weekend 2!

    Good morning my beautiful people of Coachella!

    My boy Judah and I will be flying into LAX Thursday around 5pm, driving down to stake out a camping spot that night. We are both from the great Lone...
  4. Re: 2 Seats open from Berkeley to Coachella Weekend 2

    so i booked an 8am monday morning flight like a dumbass, help me get back to LAX :) ill chip in for gas email me at
  5. help a kid get to LAX for a monday 8am flight, weekend 2

    i booked a monday flight at 8am like a dumbass, if youre leaving for LAX early that monday morning help a kid out, ill chip in for gas and convo :)
  6. Re: 3 Open Seats in my car from LA to Coachella WEEKND 2!!!

    I would kill for a ride back monday morn. i booked an 8am flight like a dumbass. ill chip in for gas no doubt. ill email you on FB too
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    Re: driving solo from la to coachella

    are you leaving sunday night after the concert or sunday day, if its monday morning ~2am etc i would kill for a ride back to LAX, my dumbass thought an 8am monday morn flight would be a good idea...
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    Re: Space open from LAX to Coachella and Back

    could i possibly snag a ride back with you guys to LAX? my dumbass thought i could work a half day so i booked an 8Am flight on monday morn lol. im going weekend 2, if any of this is what you are...
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