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  1. Re: ONE (1) Spot Available for Weekend 1 - Legacy Villas at La Quinta

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    Question about will call

    Does anyone have experience with will call - specifically, picking up a pass for another person who can't go?

    One of our party can't make it and didn't pick up her package (doh) and we are trying...
  3. ONE (1) Spot Available for Weekend 1 - Legacy Villas at La Quinta

    Hey Coachellers,

    Our house is looking to fill ONE more spot for a festival goer who wants to party hard but is also responsible!

    Here is a link to an example of offerings at the property - PM...
  4. 1-2 spots available - Legacy Villas @ La Quinta Resort (Weekend 1)

    We have an amazing condo at the Legacy Villas at the La Quinta Resort booked for Weekend 1 and are looking to fill 1-2 more spots.

    Please send me a message if you're interested, and I'll provide...
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    Shuttle Passes - were they on presale?

    The links from the Shuttle Passes just say "no ticket found" or something... Were they already on sale and now they're not, and we have to wait til the general sale to get them again? Or could we...
  6. Re: ($30/piece) Pair of weekend 2 Tennis Garden Shuttle Passes.

    Are these still available?
  7. Anyone staying @ Rancho Las Palmas Weekend 2, or been there?

    Just curious if anyone else is staying there and/or what past experiences at this resort have been.
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