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  1. Any car camping groups arriving mid-day Thursday?

    Any girl groups arriving at Indio around 12 or 1 Thursday? I will like to join you. I am a 23 year old girl from the San Gabriel Valley. I have my own car camping spot and supplies. We can possibly...
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    Re: HALP: In need of a camping spot for one

    Hi! I'm also a 23 year old female. I am going solo to Coachella weekend 2. I have car camping too! If you'd like you can camp with me. I live in California, near Los Angeles. If you're interested...
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    Re: Where my LezBros at!?

    If you are going weekend 2, I will surely stop by! :)
  4. Re: GIRLS LOOKING FOR NORMAL PEOPLE TO CAMP WITH (preferably girls)(weekend 2)

    Where are you girls from? If you are from So Cal that would be great. I have space as well. :)
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