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  1. Re: Cars with engine running most of morning

    Get over it, hippie.
  2. Re: is taking your girlfriend to coachella a good idea??

    I think it depends on your "girlfriend". are you the kind of guy who would normally cheat on her? If you can't keep it in your pants either you're a douche or she's boring as fuck. Either way, I'd...
  3. Re: Which acts have unique/bizarre/fun stage productions?

    That's all you need. They don't have fireworks or light shows. Just a lead singer who climbs giant speakers like a monkey, two girls who crowd surf on snare drums and an audience who will jump around...
  4. Re: Who else who hasn't started packing and don't intend to until the last minute?

    Packing right now, or.. not packing right now because i'm on the boards. Our flight leaves at 7 and we're taking public transportation so we have to be out of the house at 3:30am. I don't think I'm...
  5. Re: How much $ will one need for the weekend?

    Then you're not a drinker.

    It's hard to get drunk at 9am though. The boyfriend and spent over $100 a day last year on merch and booze/beer. We don't do anything else (pot, acid, etc) and...
  6. Re: WHY do you attend (and keep attending Coachella)

    This will be my 2nd year and we're already saving up for next year. I go because last year was my first time on a plane, first time on the west coast, first time camping and my second "big trip" with...
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    Re: this one's for the girls

    1. Baby wipes. You can keep your snatch fresh and anything else, too. (neck, chest, whatever gets hot/sweaty)
    2. Those paper toilet seat covers you can get for free at movie theaters/bars/offices. ...
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    Re: Passes CAME!!!!

    Got my email a few hours ago. Since a sig is "required", I had it shipped to my job. Scheduled for delivery on friday, the one weekday I don't work. Yay 3 hour multi-bus commute on my day off! Just...
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    Re: Liquor in the festival?

    They had liquor at every beer location last year. Cranberry & vodka was 8 bucks.
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    Re: What time?

    I'll answer seriously.. Last year we showed up in the are around 2pm and waited in traffic/line for about 2 hours. By the time we made it pay checkpoints and to our car camping spot it was about...
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    Re: Shopping on the way to Indio

    I came from LAX last year and stopped at the closest Walmart (google it). We got all of our supplies (suncare, emergency kits, etc), water, food, and camping gear in one shot.
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    Re: Its my birthday!!!

    I almost believed this was a real person.
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    Re: Shower nightmare

    The problem with the wipes is, right after I used them to freshen up I also had to reapply my spray spf and that made these gross orangey balls on my skin. I guess I could wait longer than 10 minutes...
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    Re: Its my birthday!!!

    Congrats! It's my boyfriend's birthday too and he's still paying $500 for his ticket. Man up.
  15. Re: I, like too many other people, need a camping pass.

    ebay is averaging 250-300 which isn't SO bad considering that's what you get for waiting/not layawaying on time. We just paid $300 for ours. Here's hoping I don't get scammed. (wompwomp)
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    Re: How much cash are you bringing?

    I dont remember there being more than a 5-10 minute wait which isn't terrible but the fees! Like 5$ on top of whatever your bank charges. I remember beers being close to price as mixed drinks...
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    Re: Are e-cigarettes allowed?

    Just want to thank you guys as reading this thread has convinced me to try this when I get back from coachella. I can go days or weeks without smoking but if I start drinking, the urge hits and I...
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    Re: Car camping with a tent?

    Lucky! We had two groups of assholes with huge tents on the right and infront. We definately werent taking up 10x30 and they still had to invade our space. I wont be a pushover this year though so......
  19. Re: How are you preparing for Coachella '11?

    - youtubing bands I don't know / compiling a list
    - eating healthy & hitting the gym 5 days a week
    - keeping an eye out for some flowy dresses/tops

    The sun last year was no...
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    We're flying in from NY and land on the 13th.
    It totally didn't occur to me to buy and return afterward. I did the same thing when I forgot my iPhone charger during a trip to Boston. (the guy at the...
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    Last year, we bought a cheapie tent and sleeping bags at a Walmart in LA. we're flying into Vegas this year and I was curious if anyone had any suggestions (aside from Walmart).. Specifically about...
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    Re: Car camping with a tent?

    It's not like anyone respects that shit anyway. Last year we woke up Saturday morning to discover the door to our tent blocked by a huge tent. They'd even staked over our little 2 person tent...
  23. Re: Ooooerrr... fancy wristbands. Shipping soon as.

    We got to the line around 11am for bonnaroo 09. Didn't get into our camp grounds until 9pm. On the other hand, with coachella last year, we waited a total of 3 hours with nice car neighbors and no...
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    Re: How much cash are you bringing?

    Awesome! If I win big I will find you and buy you a drink :)
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    Re: Favorite Coachella Food Vendors?

    Best fucking thing I'd had that month let alone at coachella. I'm hoping they're there again this year.. Please oh please be there...
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    Re: How much cash are you bringing?


    Lots of cranberry & vodkas.

    Question, we're flying into Vegas and will be spending a day there before and after coachella. Anything I should definitely check out there? Also kinda...
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    Re: Will prices go up or down?

    You'd be surprised at the overwhelming amount of dummies bidding $100 tickets up to $500 with a week left in the auction. Sigh.
  28. Re: I do not have two (2) tickets for sale.

    It's amazing how many people happen to have birthdays on 4/15 who also happen to be fans of coachella..
  29. Re: Way to go GV.... the scalpers have won

    I get you. I understand it's shitty, but for some people they really couldn't (or didn't choose to) get tickets as soon as it was possible. There is an overwhelming amount of people blaming...
  30. Re: Way to go GV.... the scalpers have won

    If that's directed towards me..
    So quick to judge, not smart enough to read. I already said I bought my ticket right after the line-up was announced. Jesus christ.

    Also, I never said shit about...
  31. Re: Way to go GV.... the scalpers have won

    When I've found a ticket, and am through talking to the nice people on here, I may. Guess I struck a nerve.
  32. Re: A little advice for a confused heart?

    Not bullshit.
    Last year when they put on my wristband it was so tight we had to go back and ask them to loosen it because it was really uncomfortable (and i've got really small wrists). Maybe if...
  33. Re: Way to go GV.... the scalpers have won

    Dates since august is not the same as a line-up.
    I bought my ticket right after the line-up was released because, sorry, if i cant justify wanting to see at least 8-10 bands every day its not worth...
  34. Re: Has Car camping ticket, Need ride/carpool

    Hey, My bf and I are looking for somewhere to camp, we'd have a rental car, only thing is, we're flying from NY to Vegas on the 13th (planned on driving to Indio overnight to be there thursday...
  35. Re: No-Chella Support Group: Join Us, the Ticketless

    My problem with this is, I feel sketchy about flying across the country and trying to score a ticket at the last possible moment. Do I keep planning as if I'm going and take my chances, or do I get...
  36. Re: Tempted to sell my pass...for face value of course


    I've got a ticket (layaway) but need one for my live-in boyfriend. Last year was our first time (my first time on a plane even) and we've already booked $700 worth of nonrefundable airfare....
  37. Re: No-Chella Support Group: Join Us, the Ticketless

    I'm at stage 3. Already dropped $700 on nonrefundable airfare and I've only got one ticket for two people (with nowhere to stay). Fml.
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    Re: Tent Pass Available

    In no order:
    Big Audio Dynamite
    Bright Eyes
    Cold War Kids
    Gogol Bordello
    Thao Nguyen
    Pains of Being Pure at Heart
    New Pornographers
    Flogging Molly
  39. Re: Camping at the Ranch Across the Street?

    What's the cost? I'm 30 and my boyfriend is 24, we're chill, he smokes, I don't, no opinion on it either way/ Just need somewhere to stay..
  40. Re: Fucked over by a scalper? Well... I'm a nice guy.

    Edit: nvm didn't see you already sold the ticket.
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