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  1. Re: THE STONE ROSES --- This is why they're fucking headlining.

    Alright, I am a fan of The Roses but I don't see a need for them to headline. Yes, they have played huge shows and have drawn huge crowds. But I don't see them drawing the crowd you would expect from...
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    Re: 2013: The Year Without Headliners

    Why does every thread end up in an argument about ticket sales and hype? Take your shenanigans elsewhere.

    Back to the topic.
    Yes. The headliners are disappointing. I saw a quote earlier about...
  3. Re: I never realized how horrible Skrillex was until now

    Ugh. You people are the worst. Fucking EDM hipsters. Constantly berating other people's "taste" because you can't contain your huge fucking egos. You sound like grandparents from the 80's. "Back in...
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