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  1. Re: I have to catch a 6:30am flight at LAX on Monday morning

    I'm in the same boat. I need a ride to LAX asap once the concert is over.
  2. Re: Can seat/give ride/give camp spot to 3 (LA-ish area)

    I need a ride and a place to crash. I fly into LAX Thursday @9pm. If your willing to help me out. Willing to contribute gas money and for the camping spot etc. This would be my first time as well....
  3. Anyone leaving to LAX really early Monday morning???

    I need a ride if possible. Thanks
  4. Re: !!Car camping spot..but no car or ride from LAX!!

    I fly into LAX that thur at 9pm. My friend and I have a car but no camping pass. I believe we are trying to head there once I get in so if we can work something out where its a win win for both...
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