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  1. Looking to trade tent camping + CASH for car camping pass

    Fellow coachellites,

    I accidentally purchased a tent camping pass, but all my friends are actually car camping. I am looking to trade my tent camping pass (so you can sell it or keep), plus I will...
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    Re: Car Camping spot W2 for sale

    I will trade you tent camping plus cash for it! Will pay handsomely :) Let me know though pm
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    Re: Buy Camping Pass

    I am wiling to trade tent camping pass and cash for car camping pass. Or just cash to buy it off you! Let me know :)
  4. WANTED: Car Camping Pass (Weekend 2), WILL TRADE TENT CAMPING+ CASH

    Hi there!

    I am looking to trade my tent camping pass and compensate you with CASH for a car camping pass. My friends are all car camping, and unfortunately I made the mistake of purchasing a tent...
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