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  1. Re: Weekend 2. Camp HanSolo [For those looking for car camping. Especially first time

    19, female, first time from phx az. Looking into buying a camp pass as long as someone drives if I get one. Possibly flying from phx to ca.
  2. Solo looking to camp with any groups for weekend 2!!

    Hey there!
    From phx az, female, 19, first timer!! If anyone is carpooling from az to coachella let me know. I'm also searching into flying if I can't find a ride to az to ca. If anyone has any extra...
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    Re: weekend #2 Tucson to coachella

    Hey! I'm from chandler az. I was wondering if you still have spots that we could carpool or even camp together. I'm willing to spilt the cost with whoever is riding with you. Email me at...
  4. Re: Weekend 2 Car Campers who want to combine camps.

    Hi there, I was wondering if you have anymore room? I'm from chandler az. Female 19. I'm currently going to buy a camping pass, only if someone drives! My email is thanks!
  5. Re: Weekend 2 Camping needed for 3 females from Phoenix!!

    Hey! I'm from AZ as well. Do you mind if I join along with you guys? I'm Female 19. Here's my email: I'll be looking for rides. Thanks!
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